Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian Food

A Balanced Vegetarian Diet Helps lead a Healthier Life

Vegetarian diet is healthy and equally tasty. Following vegetarian diet is largely due to religious, health and individual beliefs. Statistics show currently there are about 460 million people around the world who follow a vegetarian diet. There is vegetarian society, which deciphers parameters that would be included and termed as vegetarian.

The variety of dishes that can be made with vegetarian food is unmatched to any. People following vegetarian diet have higher energy levels, better skin and healthy body. Vegetarian foods include vegetables, fruits, dairy products and eggs to some extent.

Vegetarian diets are categorised into three types:

• Ovo-Vegetarian: diet includes eggs but not dairy products

• Lacto-Vegetarian: diet includes dairy products but not eggs

• Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian: diet includes both eggs and dairy products.

Strict vegetarians do not eat any food that includes animal produce direct or indirectly example, gluten.

Healthy, Light and Refreshing


Health studies reveal people who follow a strict vegetarian diet are less prone to the “Silent Killer” disease-Hyper tension and high blood pressure. As the diet does not include any red meat or lean white meat chances of cholesterol accumulation are less. Even more, certain vegetables help in controlling the cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Several surveys and studies have shown high rate of heart disease, high mortality rate, cancer and diabetes issues among people who consume meat and eggs. Heavy consumption of red meat leads to loss of urinary calcium, which may ultimately lead to osteoporosis.

A study published in Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry in 2011 states people following vegetarian diet have less lower body weight. It also mentioned that vegetarian food includes less calories and more components that have high nutritional value like vitamin C, fibres, potassium, iron etc. Thus following a vegetarian diet is highly beneficial.

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