Vegan Food

Vegan Food

It is a Myth that Vegan Food Includes only Plant Food

The word vegan is often confused as an abbreviated form of vegetarian food. However, this is not true. They are two different words with different meanings. Vegetarian food includes food made from plant, herbs, fruits, dairy products and sometimes eggs whereas vegan food does not include any animal products or produce. Therefore, vegan food followers do not eat eggs, dairy products or any food item that has been made from animal produce or is tested on animals.

Vegan Food does not Include Animal based Ingredients

Vegan food is considered very healthy food. Health studies reveal that if you have a proper vegan diet it helps in keeping heart, renal diseases and obesity at bay. Nevertheless, one wonders how people satisfy dietary requirements that are fulfilled by dairy products. Studies suggest that almond, grain and soymilk can easily replace cow’s milk.

All sorts of food can be eaten in a vegan diet. Pizza, chocolate cake, pancakes, curries, stews, dhal, pasta the list is huge. Vegan diet is appropriate for everyone, provides sufficient nutrition at all stages of life, and is safe to follow even during pregnancy and lactation.

A study conducted on people who suffer from type 2 diabetes but followed a vegan diet showed reduced cholesterol levels and weight. Certain independent studies also suggest some of the best athletes follow vegan diet. However, doctors insist that if proper and balanced vegan diet is not followed there may be deficiency in iron, Vitamin B12 and D, Calcium and Omega three fatty acids.

Few medical studies showed that vegan food helps in reducing inflammation of acute rheumatoid arthritis, controlling asthma to a certain extent and regretting of atherosclerotic heart diseases.

Studies depict that vegan diet is extremely good for health, light on the stomach and makes you feel fresher and energetic compared to food that includes meat.

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