Sandwiches and Toast

Sandwiches and Toast

Variety in Sandwiches is Unmatched to Any Other Food It may not be the staple diet of any country but sandwiches and toast can be called staple by numerous people around the world. It has evolved from being single piece of meat placed between slices of two unleavened bread to different types of bread and multiple layers of bread used along with different toppings.

Today people love the simple bread and butter sandwich to heaped slices of breads filled with cheese, meat, vegetables and sauces. Plethora of breads is available in the market and they can be topped with infinite variety of toppings and sauces.

Unlike ancient times today, bread has a soft texture and come in neatly cut slices. During early age, the breads use to be hard and unleavened. Back then, they were called “Trenchers”. The word referred to stale, thick bread that was used as plates. Their purpose was to soak up extra liquid from the food. Once the meal was over the “trenchers” became food for the dog and beggars.

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The name sandwich was first used by John Montagu, during the 18th century. He was an Aristocrat, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. He was supposedly a big gambler and played for hours together. One day he ordered a slice of cold meat to be placed in between two slice of bread and served to him instead of regular meal. He called it sandwich. He and other people around him liked the idea, as it would allow them to eat without spoiling their hands and the cards.

Sandwiches can be eaten in various forms plain, toasted, grilled etc. Toasted and grilled sandwiches are healthier and taste better than raw slice of bread. Certain sandwiches made with particular filings like club sandwich, cheese steak etc are famous across the globe otherwise this dish has infinite variants as people prepare them as per their penchant.

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