Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Its Success Story

With over 34,000 restaurants in over 100 countries and doling out over 2 million pizzas a day, Pizza Hut is among the most successful fast food chains in the world until date. They have built a large customer base of approximately 4 million people from across the globe.

Their success story is a case study in several schools and colleges. What makes them so successful? It is the regional approach. Pizza Hut customises their orders as per local demands. Pizza toppings will never be the same in America and Australia. Matching the local taste buds has made them pioneer in food industry.

Most Sinful Men yet the Most Loved Restaurant World Wide

Pizza Hut also introduces new recipes and variety of other dishes like pasta, side dishes like wings, dessert etc. It employees a large number of workforce to operate its wide spread family style restaurants, carryout locations, kiosks and front delivery stores. Certain facts about Pizza Hut are jaw dropping. Example, Pizza Hut uses about 700 million pounds of flour annually.

Pepperoni being amongst the best and most selling topping worldwide, the company uses approximately 700 million pounds of pepperoni every year to cater to this demand. Pizza Hut alone in a year uses over 525 million pounds of tomatoes and 300 million pounds of cheese.

So how did this huge food chain start? Today, part of Yum group since 1997, it was under the PepsiCo banner from 1977-1997. Although an Italian dish, it did not start in Italy, it is very much American. Before 1977, they had about 314 stores in America and listed themselves on New York Stock Exchange only in 1972.

However it all started 14 years before this in 1958, when 2 brothers Dan and Frank Carney borrowed mere $600 to open a pizza restaurant in college campus in Wichita Kansas along with partner John Bender, that is when Pizza Hut was born, the concept became increasingly popular and company kept soaring to zenith until today.

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