Mexican Finger Food

Mexican Finger Food

It is Appetising and Scrumptious

Thinking of a party at home but do not want to spend hours cooking in the kitchen. Why not try something different from standard greasy and fattening entree dishes. Something that is quick, easy, fresh and delicious. Finger food literal means eating food with fingers. Technically, finger food that does not require utensils to cook, cooks faster, is filling, easy to make and delectable. In fact, lot of Mexican finger food is made from fresh and seasonal produce that are naturally flavoured hence do not require much spicing up or cooking.

The gooey texture and yummy taste of cheese is extremely tempting. Cheese though considered unhealthy is loved by everyone and is part of several dishes made around the world. If had in the right form and right quantity it has several health benefits. It helps in having good teeth, skin, healthy bones etc. In Mexican finger food, it is an integral part as well.

Tortilla chips with salsa dip is a popular sight in cinema halls in the west and is becoming increasingly popular in the Asian countries. These chips are made out of white or yellow corn, flour or wheat. They are usually fried but a healthy alternative is to bake them, they taste equally good and crispy.

Yummy and Healthy

Another well-known Mexican finger food is the Quesadillas. A variation of tortilla chips which is made interesting and healthy by adding various kinds of vegetables, sauces and cheese. To keep the calorie meter on the lower side, just add less amount of cheese. Vegetable fillings can be changed for meatballs and shrimps for meat lovers.

There is lot you can do with Mexican finger food. Apart from tortillas Mexican sandwiches, Mexican squares made of vegetable or meat filling, shrimp Gazpacho are mouth-watering appetisers. Charm your guest with Mexican finger food and enjoy all the compliments for the lip-smacking food and no hard work.

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