Hot Stone

Hot Stone

Primitive yet Modern

Hot stone cooking has made home parties and particularly barbeque parties more fun and entertaining. Now one person need not be stuck in the kitchen for eternity cooking food and rest enjoy the party outside. Hot stone can be brought right onto the dining table or backyard and everyone can cook their own barbeques and enjoy together.

Hot stone cooking literally means cooking food on stones. However not just any stone from the roadside can be used to cook food as stones have the quality of being porous. Cooking food on stone is primitive method yet a very effective as well as healthy way of cooking food. In early days, people used small-enclosed area of stones, lit fire with coal or wood, and placed flat surfaced stone on the top where food would be cooked.

However, this method can be utilised only outdoors. Today modern cooking and especially domestic cooking requires different types of stone. Commonly used stone today is granite. It has a flat surface, heats up evenly and is available in various sizes.

An Innovative Way of Cooking

Usually this stone comes along with a set of stainless steel stand and alcohol burners. Before the stone is ready for use, it should be pre heated to a desired temperature. Granite stones can reach temperatures about 450 degrees. Once heated, it will retain the temperature for about 30 to 45 minutes. Therefore, hot stone should be used immediately for cooking.

For cooking, place hot stone on the stand and light the isopropyl alcohol burners, which will keep stone hot for another 30 minutes. Any type of food like meat, fish and vegetables can be cooked on the stone. It is a healthy way of cooking, as it requires little or no oil. Even bit of salt should help maintain the juices of the food and cook it evenly. Once cooking is done do not wash Hot Stone with hard soap instead use mild soap and warm water.

Have a nice time cooking on Hot Stones!

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