Hot Dogs

History of Hot Dog

Hot Dog

“Hot Dog” is the most popular finger food in the world. It is popular and loved by all around the globe. Statistics show about 150 million hot dogs are consumed annually in America alone. Nevertheless, there are several theories behind the origin of “Hot Dog”. Popularly known as “Hot Dog”, “Weiner”, “Frankfurters” and “Red Hot”, more »

Hot Dog Eating Contest

Hot Dog Eating Contest

Its Crazy, Its Fun, Its Entertaining People are crazy behind this fast food delicacy. In America, numerous regional versions of original hot dog in a bun with mustard, ketchup and onions or sauerkraut are served. More than 150 million hot dogs are consumed annually in America. People love the “dog” so much that they have more »

Famous Hot Dog Chains Dish Up Variety of Weiners


When someone speaks of ketchup, onions and mustard along with a succulent beef, pork, ham, chicken sausage and a soft bun, the brain instantly rattles “Hot Dog”. Everyone likes their “Hot Dog” custom made. Therefore satisfying similar taste buds and fulfilling regional penchants “Hot Dog” chains offer something to suits every individual’s palette. Weinerschnitzel is more »