Hot Dog Eating Contest

Hot Dog Eating Contest

Its Crazy, Its Fun, Its Entertaining People are crazy behind this fast food delicacy. In America, numerous regional versions of original hot dog in a bun with mustard, ketchup and onions or sauerkraut are served.

More than 150 million hot dogs are consumed annually in America. People love the “dog” so much that they have hot dog eating contest every year.

Hot dog eating contest are organized every year at regional level. Individual restaurant owners also host hot dog eating contests. However, Nathan’s Famous located at Surf and Stilwell Avenue in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, holds the most prominent hot dog eating contest.

Celebrate Love for Hot Dogs

It is an international hot dog eating contest. It is approved by IFOCE, International Federation of Competitive Eating. People from across the globe participate in this contest. It is held annually on 4th July on the Independence Day in the United States. This legend is been going on since 4th July 1916. History has it that four immigrants held a hot dog eating contest to prove who is more patriotic and since then the trend started.

Today every year on 4th July, there are thousands of onlookers present outside Nathan’s Famous to watch this historic competition. It is telecasted on TV as well. Statistics show that in 2010, about 1.677 million viewers watched this contest on TV. Joey Chestnut grabbed the “Mustard Yellow Belt” in 2010 for the fourth consecutive year.

It is a remarkable sight, when 20 contestants stand behind the 30-foot long table set up outside the Nathan’s restaurant and competes for the 10-minute competition. The enthusiasm, vigour, energy and enjoyment offered by this contest are unmatched to any other and they day to celebrate this event is apt in every sense. The crowd is equally thrilled to watch the participants compete and they too treat themselves to some luscious hot dogs, cheer and enjoy.

Hot Dog Eating Contest

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