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Vegan Food

Vegan Food

It is a Myth that Vegan Food Includes only Plant Food The word vegan is often confused as an abbreviated form of vegetarian food. However, this is not true. They are two different words with different meanings. Vegetarian food includes food made from plant, herbs, fruits, dairy products and sometimes eggs whereas vegan food does more »

Vegetarian Food


A Balanced Vegetarian Diet Helps lead a Healthier Life Vegetarian diet is healthy and equally tasty. Following vegetarian diet is largely due to religious, health and individual beliefs. Statistics show currently there are about 460 million people around the world who follow a vegetarian diet. There is vegetarian society, which deciphers parameters that would be more »

Fast Food


Fast Food is Also Called Junk Food As the name suggests junk food or fast food, in true sense is an apt name. Fast foods are usually made quickly, are processed, mostly frozen and requires high amount of oil to cook. Several fast foods like burgers, fries, hot dog, fried chicken or beef etc are more »