Fast Food

Fast Food

Fast Food is Also Called Junk Food

As the name suggests junk food or fast food, in true sense is an apt name. Fast foods are usually made quickly, are processed, mostly frozen and requires high amount of oil to cook. Several fast foods like burgers, fries, hot dog, fried chicken or beef etc are high in calorie. Meats themselves are fattening, to add to it they are fried. Undoubtedly, it is yummy food but what after effects do they have once they enter the body and its immune system.

Easily Available, Delicious But is it Healthy?

Literally, they turn into junk once they enter the body. They are difficult to digest, body takes more time to break it down and they score zero on health meter. Moreover, once these foods are broken down only a minuscule part of it is of any nutritional value most of it settles down as fat in the body. Thus increasing the chances of high cholesterol and sugar, this in turn leads to health problems like cardiovascular issue, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers etc.

Health studies conducted by National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute reveal that people who thrive or eat fast food on regular basis tend to gain more weight and are vulnerable to developing insulin resistance in the body. Fast food is a major contributor in the increased rate of type 2 Diabetes in teenagers and young adults. The oily fried foods and high calorie sauces not only lead to the usual diabetes and heart problems but damages the liver as well. Studies have shown that one of the functions of liver is to process fats in the blood. Eating regular fast food diet increases the amount of fat in the liver cells and liver uses its compensatory space to store all this fat eventually damaging the liver. Fast foods are unhealthy food especially when had daily and in large portions. If the fast food is taken occasionally it is nice for taste buds, so have a great time with fast food but in limits.

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