Fast Food World

Asian Noodles


A Popular Dish in the East and the West Several people love the famous chowmein noodle dish. Noodles recipes are all time favourite among the kids. Noodles are so versatile in nature that they can be used in numerous ways to spice up varied dishes. They are referred to as the Asian pasta in many more »

Mexican Finger Food

Mexican Food

It is Appetising and Scrumptious Thinking of a party at home but do not want to spend hours cooking in the kitchen. Why not try something different from standard greasy and fattening entree dishes. Something that is quick, easy, fresh and delicious. Finger food literal means eating food with fingers. Technically, finger food that does more »

Sandwiches and Toast


Variety in Sandwiches is Unmatched to Any Other Food It may not be the staple diet of any country but sandwiches and toast can be called staple by numerous people around the world. It has evolved from being single piece of meat placed between slices of two unleavened bread to different types of bread and more »

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Its Success Story With over 34,000 restaurants in over 100 countries and doling out over 2 million pizzas a day, Pizza Hut is among the most successful fast food chains in the world until date. They have built a large customer base of approximately 4 million people from across the globe. Their success story is more »

King & Co


From Small Shop to Hundreds and Thousands of Restaurants Worldwide King & Co. Word usually used to refer to companies like Burger King, McDonalds, White Castle and Wendy’s. They are pioneers in making burgers and have been extremely successful in their business. Each of them offers more or less similar menu of burger, fries and more »