Famous Hot Dog Chains Dish Up Variety of Weiners

Famous Hot Dog Chains Dish Up Variety of Weiners

When someone speaks of ketchup, onions and mustard along with a succulent beef, pork, ham, chicken sausage and a soft bun, the brain instantly rattles “Hot Dog”. Everyone likes their “Hot Dog” custom made. Therefore satisfying similar taste buds and fulfilling regional penchants “Hot Dog” chains offer something to suits every individual’s palette.

Weinerschnitzel is among the most famous “Hot Dog” chains in the world. They sell approximately over 60 million “Hot Dogs” in a year. Adding twist to the most fun and delectable entree dish, Weinerschnitzel serves various types of “Red Hots” like plain and simple Chili Dog, Chili Cheese Dog to a Chicago Dog that includes tomato, special pickle, onion, relish, mustard, celery, salt and sport peppers. Hot Dogs mostly made of Beef and Turkey, their speciality mini corn dogs is very well known.

Nathan’s Famous “Hot Dog” chain situated in Westbury, New York. Nathan’s is been in the Hot Dog business since 1916 and is famous for its beef “wieners”. Keeping it simple they serve “Hot Dogs” with variety of luscious toppings as Cheese, chilli, red onions, sauerkraut and salsa. Nathan’s Famous also conducts a popular “Hot Dog” eating contest every year.

Serving Various Types of Mouth Watering Weiners

Another popular “Frankfurters” chain is the Gold Coast Dogs based in Chicago. Locally well known as Vienna Beef Hot Dogs the char grilled dog served with choice of toppings that include onions, mustard, tomatoes, relish, pickle, celery salt and choice of condiments is favourite among many people.

Apart from these, several other chains like Hot Dog on a Stick, The Varsity, Matts Gourmet Hot Dogs has numerous units in various states. Hot Dogs on Sticks speciality remains hot dogs on stick dipped in unique party batter cooked in soy oil and topped with condiments. Varsity dole outs everything from famous naked dog to special cheese chilli slaw dog. Lot can be done with “Hot Dogs”, the list is endless therefore consumers are spoilt for choice.

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