Asian Noodles

Asian Noodles

A Popular Dish in the East and the West

Several people love the famous chowmein noodle dish. Noodles recipes are all time favourite among the kids. Noodles are so versatile in nature that they can be used in numerous ways to spice up varied dishes. They are referred to as the Asian pasta in many countries. However, they are very different compared to the Italian pasta.

Noodles have been associated with Chinese cooking for a long time. Chinese have been making use of various kinds of noodles in their daily diet for over 2000 years. It is a staple diet in many Asian countries. They can be combined with almost any dish as soup, main course, curries, wontons etc.

Healthy and Tasty

Unlike the Italian pasta that is usually made from all-purpose flour, Asian pasta is made from different ingredients like eggs, wheat, and rice making them healthy to eat. Studies suggest average people in China and Japan live over 66 years of age. Varieties of noodles are available in different shapes, colours and sizes in the Asian market.

It is difficult to understand what types of noodles are packed inside a packet. Hence, it is best to know how they look. Famous rice noodles are small in size and dry in textures, vary in thickness and are popularly known as vermicelli or rice sticks. Rice noodle are frequently used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

Popular Cellophane noodles are made from bean sprout. They are thin, long noodles. When cooked, Cellophane noodles become transparent and slide easily, thus they are called glass noodles and are widely used for main course and stir fired dishes.

Ramen noodles are curly long noodles usually used for appetisers like rolls. Japanese noodles like Soba and Somen are equally popular noodles. They are made from buckwheat and wheat flour and oil respectively. They can be served hot as well as cold with a dipping sauce and are typically used in Japanese style cooking.

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