History of Hot Dog

Invention, Name and Popularity

“Hot Dog” is the most popular finger food in the world. It is popular and loved by all around the globe. Statistics show about 150 million hot dogs are consumed annually in America alone.

Nevertheless, there are several theories behind the origin of “Hot Dog”. Popularly known as “Hot Dog”, “Weiner”, “Frankfurters” and “Red Hot” , it leaves us wondering about the birthplace of this mouth-watering delicacy.

Vienna and Frankfurt claim that it originated in their region and that is where the name “Frankfurters” and “Weiner” stem from. “Weiner” is derived from the German word “Wein” used for Vienna, Austria and the name “Frankfurters” was given by a German Butcher Johann Georghehner, a sausage maker, who got his training in Frankfurt, promoted the food product in Frankfurt, and named it after his town.However, during early days “Frankfurters” and “Weiner” were mainly sausages eaten solely with fork and knife and served during regal coronations.

Hot-Dogs in the USA

The bun part of the “Hot Dog” was introduced by a German Immigrant Charles Feltman who started selling sausages in a bun to fulfil demand of his customers for variety of sandwiches.

He sold his sausages on a small pushcart on Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York and was concerned about the affordability of variety of sandwiches. Consequently, he invented idea of a sausage in a bun, a different kind of sandwich that satisfied his customer’s demands and was easily manageable on his pushcart. Thus, the famous dish was invented. In contrast, another theory suggests Germans eat the famous dachshund sausage with bread and hence they are the originators.

Nevertheless, its popularity grew over the years; it came under limelight during the Columbian Exposition exhibited in 1893 in Chicago. Vendors sold huge quantity of sausages as people loved this delicious, easy to eat and low-cost dish. Later Louisiana Purchase Exposition of 1904, its association with Baseball sports and amusement parks went in making “Hot Dog” the most famous and favourite finger food until today.

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